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Brasseler USA® offers more than 6,000 innovative, proven products for both dental and medical professionals. Following is a sample of our product categories.

Rotary Carbides
Highly concentric and consistent, our extensive offering includes: ET® (Esthetic Trimming) carbides in multiple blade configurations, aggressive-cutting XtremeCut™ and our newest aggressive carbide SabreCut™, in addition to a complete selection of instruments for operative, orthodontic, endodontic, oral surgery and laboratory procedures.
Rotary Diamonds
Over the course of nearly 40 years, our leading Peter Brasseler Series™ brand diamond cutting instruments have become the market leader based on innovative instrument design specifications developed by our founder, Peter Brasseler, in conjunction with leading clinicians and universities. Today, we have the most extensive offering in the industry and peak performance based on innovation and ideal design. Our diamonds reflect an ideal balance between cutting speed, cutting smoothness and longevity for consistent, optimum performance within each diamond instrument shape and grit range.
Rotary Polishers
Brasseler USA provides the widest selection of quality polishers to the dental practitioner and laboratory professional. We offer innovative instruments and systems for virtually every polishing challenge, from composites, porcelains, metals and acrylics to new ceramics such as zirconia and lithium disilicate.
Power Handpiece Systems
Brasseler USA is a market leader in dental handpieces and small equipment. Our extensive selection of proven, quality power systems include clinical electric micro motors, high and low-speed air, specialty endodontic and surgical handpieces, ultrasonics, hygiene and laboratory motors, maintenance systems and handpiece repair.
Procedure Systems and Kits
We specialize in creating innovative procedure systems specifically designed to maximize both the efficiency and outcome of any dental procedure. In fact, leading clinicians trust Brasseler USA more than any other manufacturer to create distinct procedural kits carrying their name and brand.
Quality and Innovation are cornerstones of our company and have been synonymous with the Brasseler brand for nearly 40 years. With product brands such as EndoSequence®, KontrolFlex™ and Vlock/Vario™, we have built a legacy of excellence in the field of endodontics. Our recently launched line of innovative bioceramic products (EndoSequence®, BC Sealer™ and BC Points™) is redefining how many practitioners approach endodontic obturation.
Laboratory Instruments
We produce the most extensive line of laboratory carbides, diamonds, polishers, hand instruments and power handpiece systems available, all with the Brasseler USA innovative quality demanded by today’s laboratory technician.
Hygiene and Hand Instruments
With an extensive selection of hygiene hand instrumentation, hygiene power equipment, and ultrasonic scalers and tips, Brasseler USA’s offering of products addresses every instrumentation need of today’s Dental Hygiene professional.
Brasseler USA® provides surgical solutions for every surgical procedure with one thing in mind, superior patient care. Brasseler USA® offers comprehensive line of surgical instrumentation including; oral surgery carbides, surgical diamonds, bone management, hand instrumentation and hand piece power systems.
Medical Power Systems
Using research engineers and consulting physicians, Brasseler USA’s medical division has developed large bone, small bone and high-speed power systems. These systems offer a wide variety of cutting accessories. Our medical power systems are used extensively by orthopedic, neuro, ENT, cardiovascular and oral-maxillofacial surgeons. We provide a quality repair service for our power systems. Click here for more information about all our medical power systems.
Saw Blades
Brasseler USA’s medical division has proprietary and replacement saw blades for major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) power handpieces. Our saw blades are made with the highest quality medical grade stainless steel and undergo very stringent, multi-step manufacturing and inspection process. Our saw blade line includes: large bone, small bone, sternum and cast saw blades.
Surgery Burs
Brasseler USA’s wide variety of standard burs, high-speed burs and oral surgery burs are offered at significant cost savings and are fully compatible with major OEM power handpieces. All of our proven burs are designed in the USA to very rigid specifications and are subjected to extensive engineering analysis and strenuous testing programs to ensure exceptional product performance. Click here for more information about all our surgery burs.
We also carry a full line of proven, innovative accessories, including: K-wires, Steinmann pins, twist drills (standard and Quick-Connect), Orthopaedic pin/drill packs and sterilization trays. Click here for more information about all our accessories.